MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G Unboxing


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Apr 12, 2016
This is the MSi GTx 960 2G graphics card. When we look at the box, we see that it has a TwinFrozr V cooler on it. This cooler had two 10 cm fans which can change speed individually. So if the card becomes under some load, it can turn on one fan and the other one can be turned off. This is why this card is so silent. This graphics card also comes with the MSI Gaming app. You can choose Silent mode, Gaming mode and overclock mode. It automatically overclocks the card. The  card also comes with an integrated LED in it. You can change the LED's function whith the MSI Gaming app, for example , Breathing of blinking.

When you open the package, you see a black MSI box. Here you can find your accessories. It comes with a driver and utility CD, a quick start guide, a DVI to VGA adapter and a 6-pin to 8-pin adapter. Instead of using the CD, just search the latest drivers and latest utilities on the MSI website and the Nvidia website. Beneath the black MSI box, you see lots of foam. Here you can find your graphics card. The graphics card is put in an anti-static bag.
The card is also pretty reliable on the overclocking side. I get the core clock to +160 Mhz and the memory up to +125 Mhz. I don't like to go to crazy on overclocking, because I don't want to break stuff :-)). So maybe there is more performance to gain, but it works fine and it is enough for me. If you don't like overclocking on your own, there is always the Gaming app and you get overclocking warranty from MSI on this.

This MSI graphics cars is pretty well packed and it won't damage that fast due the amount of foam in the package. I'm pretty happy with this card. You can play most games on High settings on 1080p. However the heaviest games have to be played on medium / high settings.