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Oct 4, 2015
I recently purchased a new GPU for my system because I realised that I do not need a 970 to play moba. Take a look at my all new MSI GTX 960 Gaming 4G version.



I have been researching the net a whole lot and this card is not recommended, underrated, label as a waste as  MSI R9 380 is the better card. MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G IS the better card, it was unavailable from all the retail shop. I search hi & low for this card. I end up seeing 960 all over the shops and did my final research on youtube vids for comparison, it still could not compare/beat a MSI R9 380 for the price point and hardware spec. As I begin to realise, I fall in love with this card, I kept seeing MSI 960 Gaming 4G as its image keep bombarding into my eyes.  It's like a calling, destined to own this card. Particularly with its Dragon LED, Twin Frozr V design and the availability of this card at my local retail store. "Okay" i said to myself, I need to get this card, its not as good, but the 4G version should help. Im loving this card ever since.



This is my system and my new GPU installed, look at the Red and Black theme of my rig, it fits perfectly fine.

I love how its back-plate is sturdier than my  970 which sags/ bent down cause of its weight. MSI did the design better! OC ability higher and looks cooler. MSI wins my heart and I intended to keep it that way

The most important bit is the ever great gaming app it has for people like me, who is not familiar with overclocking. I always find it difficult to adjust and get what I wanted the GPU to do. MSI Gaming APP simplify my life and time. I manage to get the result and performance I want out from my card. However I do hope to learn to tweak a few more notch up so that I may maximize its full potential. Youtube vids has been kind enough to show me, but to properly set it up, I think I need a professional to help me tune.


Thank you all for viewing this unboxing, please leave comments/questions at the section below.



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Nov 12, 2015
Nice wright up
Good to hear good things about this card
I'm going to get one myself and at some stage get another to run SLI
Nice pics as well 👍