MSI Gungnir 110M


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Apr 23, 2021
Hello all,
This is my first ever PC built, and I am also still in the learning phase.So with your answers, please keep that in mind.

I have an MSI Gungnir 110M, however i am going crazy regarding the RGB connection, as well as the other connections, since the USER Guide seems to be one of the worst.

First thing which came to my attention that 110M model doesnt have an ARGB control board. However, there is a button for "LED", which i have no idea how to connect, and even how to connect my MSI MAG CORE LIQUID 240R.

What I am trying to do is the following:
Connecting the RGBs of the 110M and 240R, and connecting them to the Motherboard together (zero explanation on how to connect the led to control to the MB). and with the touch of the LED button, changing all the RGBs at the same time.

Can you, please, help me understand how can i make this?


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Jul 14, 2021
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