Msi H510M A Pro


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Oct 4, 2022
Bought a new mother board from Msi and a chip of eBay but the chip has someone account he said he doesn’t remember the password I’ve tried resting the whole pc so nothing off the other user is there but I can’t I went to Troubleshoot but it only gives me a (start up settings and a UEfI firmware settings how do I rest it now !!!


Oct 12, 2016
You said you bought a new board, but obviously it's not new when it has a password set, it's used.

So you have tried a Clear CMOS, or taken out the CMOS battery? If the password is kept even after a Clear CMOS, then there's a BIOS setting called "Password Clear" that was set to Disabled by the previous user. This means the password will not be cleared even by a Clear CMOS, and you cannot reset the password with anything you do. The only way would be for the previous user to tell you the password.

However, if you only want to know how to reset the settings, do a Clear CMOS or take out the CMOS battery for a while with the power cable removed.

See here for the manual explaining Clear CMOS as well as BIOS updates,