MSI Leopard Pro GP72 6QF gaming laptop unboxing South Africa English


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Jun 7, 2016
Excited about my new laptop and hoping it will be worth it!

Find my un-boxing video on YouTube.

I was most surprised and impressed by the laptop bag that came with in the package.

The red dragon image looks pretty cool and I like the blue lights being used for indication of hard drive activity.

I was very disappointed by how slow the hard drive was that came with the laptop and the utter failure of the recovery discs being on 2 x 4.7 GB discs , 1 x 8.5 GB disc and 2 x 4.7 GB discs.

This meant that I wasted 2 DVD 4.7 GB discs to only discover that I don't have a 8.5 GB disc : /

This post seems to need a minimum of 350 words therefore the rest of this article is mainly speaking.
I have taken some time to go ahead and fast forward the video a bit to make it easier to watch and to also make it convenient to stream due to some bandwidth issues in south africa being so expensive to use mobile data only to watch a youtube video unboxing. therefore this long video is actually a lot less bandwidth intensive.

I bought this laptop at a local retail store in south africa on a special they had which turned out to be R19999.00 they indicated that the laptop actually goes for R25000.00 so it felt like a big saving and I already had some vouchers to use at the store so it was a super good deal and i have been looking for a strong new laptop for quite some time. Most of the other stuff had very weak GPU's in. I mainly play DOTA2 and have to say this new laptop sure does play it at full quality.

I really like the fan button to switch it on by demand, this makes it possible to switch it off late at night when others want to sleep and you want to game but your fans are noisy. :)

All the best and super speed all the way!!!!

Link below
MSI leopard Pro GP72 6QF unboxing