MSI Mega PC Problems




I bought an MSI Mega PC 2 weeks ago and kitted it out with a 2.4ghz p4, 512MB DDR, 52xCDRW, 40GB HD and ripped the 32MB Geforce2 out of my old comp.

First things, congrats on making such an amazing unit. Small, neat compact and (for a while) silent. I loved it. So much so that i lugged it round to a mates house the night I got it for a good ol' spot of LAN gaming. First problem encountered.

We were half-way through a game of Red Alert 2 and suddenly it blew up. Well thats what it sounded like. There was what sounded like a small explosion and something inside mine just started griding, bringing my mates house down. The comp had crashed and the Power button on the front of the PC didn't work so i switched it off at the plug. It turns out that the CD-Drive had spun up too fast and had shattered the CD. Well for now I'll hold it against the CD drive, not the shuttle. Though I had been using the CDRW for over 2 months with no problems...

Next problem came a couple of days ago. When I got the Shuttle, there was barely a sound coming from it. Now the PSU makes one helluva racket and the CPU fan is even worse. I have DB5.1 surround speaker set and before I could have it on the lowest volume and hear it comfortably. Well not comfortably, but over the noise of the computer which was fine. Now I have to have the sound turned 1/3 of the way up just to barely hear it over the sound of the PSU & CPU fans, and that's way past the level the rest of my household will take. So I tried plugging my mp3 headphones into the front socket and I can't hear unless all sound is turned to max. Obviously something's wrong there.

And gradually the sound has been getting worse over the last couple of days. Also, when I first got the comp, the CPU fan was barely on. It came on a bit during start-up and a bit more during gaming and some processor-heavy tasks. Now it's on almost constantly.

Today things really started to bollock up. Again I lugged it round to my mates for a spot of LAN gaming and instead of shattering the RA2 disc, the computer overheated and switched off. This has never happened to me before in over 5 years of dedicated computing. I put it down to the fact that I'd stupidly put the computer on my mates window sill (big window sill don't worry) so I took it off and left it to cool down for a few hours. When it was completely cool - inside and out, I started it up again. It barely got into windows before it overheated and switched off. I tried booting it up several times and each time it switched off, either barely into windows or at the very beginning of a game. Now I've taken the case off and opened all my windows. I'm sat in my cold room, and the CPU fan is going again. All I've been doing for the last 5 minutes is typing this and said a few things in MSN messenger. Great.

I really don't want to take this thing back but it's driving me mad. I know that people have had problems with overheating when there's a card in the AGP slot but even so, I never encountered any problems until a couple of days ago.


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Jul 8, 2002
The deterioration that you have experienced could be that the heatsink may not be mounted properly or, if you removed and replaced the heatsink without re-applying thermal grease. could also be that you used too much thermal grease and that alone can cause overheating.

Since it is a small unit and it is very imprtant to have good airflow, the fans need to be cleaned off more frequently as they do attract dust and become louder because of that, not to mention the airflow capability is reduced as well. This also applys to the powersupply too.

Also the problem could be that one of the components, cards, powersupply or whatever could be faulty and that makes troubleshooting a headache for the hobbyist because you don't have a bunch of spare parts to play swaporama with. Then to add even more fuel to the fire the fact that a technician probably won't have an additional motherboard lying around to swap as it is sold as a package. Unless they sell and configure them for you, then you may have an easier time at it.


The heatsink came with thermal grease on the bottom - that's all there was and all I used. And the heatsink had damn well better be on - it took me about 3 hours. Damn fiddly little thing. I'm probably going to replace all the fans inside with a decent fridge or freezer element. And I'll be getting an air extractor for the graphics card - a little PCI slot thingy.