MSI Motherboard Review and Unboxing of the MEG X570 ACE


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Jul 15, 2019
Good day everyone! Here is my unboxing of the MSI MEG X570 ACE. Will be building on this motherboard for the CMWS2019.


MSI has done a great job with the motherboard box. All the necessary information about the motherboard can be seen both in front and at the back.



Opening the box reveals the motherboard itself in all it's awesomeness wrapped in an anti-static bag.


Removing the motherboard from the cardboard tray reveals the different accessories, manual and CD driver. Kudos to MSI for including a small cloth carry bag to put all the different accessories.


Here is the motherboard in all it's MSI glory. The MEG X570 ACE has a black PCB with golden letterings and the MSI dragon logo on the VRM, M.2, chipset fan and heatsinks. An infinity mirror is placed top of the VRM heatsinks near the rear I/O. This motherboard both supports the 2nd and 3rd generation AMD RYZEN processors.




The motherboard has two 8 pin EPS power connectors. Also seen here are the heat pipes that connect the chipset and the VRM heatsinks. Just looking at the heatsinks, you can tell that it was designed to remove as much heat away from the power delivery components ensuring adequate cooling to it. Overclocking the 3000 series AMD processors will be so much fun with this motherboard!




The motherboard also features a power, reset and an OC button for on the fly switching or OC changes. I also like the fact that a post code display was included.




The rear I/O has an integrated shield. The rear I/O has 2 features that I like very much, the clear CMOS and BIOS flash buttons. It makes doing a reset of the CMOS and flashing the BIOS easier.



Well this is my unboxing of the MSI MEG X570 ACE motherboard. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of the review. Special Thanks to Tom Bermor of Bermor Tech Zone, Jayson Abuel of Phenomenal Solutions/MSI Philippines, Matthew Yap of AMD Philippines and to the Baguio Modders INC.




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Aug 27, 2019
great post, i just got this board yesterday and i love it, not a single issue with it, and i love the looks of this...


Mar 19, 2015
I love the board, looks great!.    I'm not trying to be nasty here but I'm very OCD when it comes to Antistatic.   Not sure i'd have displayed the Board sitting on a carpet?