MSI MPG Coreliquid K360 fan RGB issue

May 6, 2021
For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the lighting on these to come on when the computer starts up. MSI center loads on startup, then I have to literally force close it, reopen it, select the fans, change to a different theme, apply it, change back to the theme I want then apply that.

All the other RGB just comes on when I turn the computer on. The motherboard, the power supply, ram, fans, i have two lian li strimers hooked up etc.... it all just works, but the fan RGB makes me go through this every time I restart the computer or wake it up from sleep.

Simply selecting a different theme and hitting apply doesn't work, no theme gets applied at all until I restart MSI center.

MOBO: MSI Z590 Ace
Other RGB Components

ICUE Controlled:
Corsair Ram
3 Corsair QL120 fans (Lighting Node Core to USB slot 2 on mobo)

MSI Center Mystic Light Controlled:
Lian Li Strimer 3x8Pin (Graphics Card)
Lian Li Strimer 24 Pin (Main Mobo)
MSI MPG Coreliquid K360 (USB Slot one)

I have MSI Center set to not overwrite 3rd party software. In ICUE there's a setting that lets me set the front fans on USB slot 2 to use hardware lighting, setting that made them keep their lighting on boot up. But I seen no similar setting in Mystic Lighting.

Anyone have similar trouble and find a solution?