MSI MS 1P15 with Katana 15 B12V - Screen issue

Jul 26, 2023
Hi everyone,

This is my first message here, looking for some help...

I got a brand new Katana 15 B12VGK, with a USB-C gen 2 port which is also a display port. So I got the dockstation MSI 1P15 Gen 2 to be able to connect a screen ( Zowie XL2411 or Zowie XL2411K).

I plug the station on the USB-C port, and the mouse is working fine, but there is no video signal going through.
I tried both screen, I tried to update the firmware, but it fails, telling me "can not find synaptics mst dp hub ic".

I looked for other topics with the same problem, but in the ones I found, the port on the PC was not a usb-c gen2 alt DisplayPort. Here it is.

Would someone here have a solution by any chance? :/

I wish you all a great day!