MSI MSI Afterburner Curve Editor don't working

Oct 16, 2023
Hi, my MSI Afterburner Curve Editor show that i can change only 2 positions. Also there's 2 graphics, not 1. How can i adjust another positions (dots) because it's not curve at all.
P.S. MSI Afterburner downloaded from official site, voltage control and monitoring are unlocked.
MSI Afterburner is mostly used for NVIDIA GPUs. You have an AMD GPU, and there Afterburner shows these two different graphs. The top one is the frequency, shown for P0 state (idle) and P1 state (load), and below is the voltage for P0/P1. So you only have four options in those graphs, and out of those, only the two right ones are of interest, the frequency and voltage under load. Usually you want to lower the voltage while staying at roughly the same frequency (because most GPUs nowadays run at the frequency limit already, but have some undervolting potential).

But you don't even need Afterburner for this, it's all included in the Adrenalin driver. I'm sure if you search on Youtube etc. for Radeon undervolting, they will show it there.