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May 25, 2004
Hi there!

This forum is where you can find help for all of MSI's barebones and pre-built notebook systems.

Before posting your question, read the Forum Rules, and use the button to see if your question has been answered already. But please don't hijack old dead threads, start your own new topic, giving as much information as you can, as well as what you have tried already. Posting to a two year old thread saying "i have same problem, did you ever fix it??" won't help at all. Read any stickies that have been posted here already, they may contain valuable information to solve your problem.

Have you read the manual? The manual supplied with your product is usually just a multi-language Quick Guide. Look on MSI's Product Support Pages: Notebooks. You can find updated complete manuals, which will usually contain more information than the one supplied in the box. You would be surprised how many questions posted here can be answered just by looking in the manual! You can also find the latest drivers and firmware there, as well as popular FAQs.

If you assembled the notebook yourself, then please list all the hardware you have installed yourself inside it.

If you bought the notebook pre-built, then you should list the hardware that was installed by your reseller. You should contact your reseller for support in the first instance, as you may void any warranty by opening the notebook chassis up yourself.

There's a good possibility that as this is a user-to-user forum, and no-one from MSI visits here, there are no answers yet, or nobody is able to help you yet. In that case, your best option is to contact MSI Support themselves, and see if they can help you with your problem.

Global Technical Support: MSI Online Customer Service System, Global Warranty Service Locations

Please note, that when using the above support link, you should describe the problem as clearly as you would here, and give as much background information as you can. If you write to them "my notebook doesn't work, what can i do", then don't complain if you get a stock generic reply back from them :-P).

For users in the UK

UK notebook support:

If you bought your notebook from Argos...
From MSI UK Support:

Please note that all MSI notebooks purchased from Argos come with Argos warranty only. We do not provide warranty or service (except DOA) for these units and won't be able to help with repairs directly. Argos uses their repair and call centre to deal with all faults. Argos After-Service Helpline: 08456040105 (Mon-Sat 9am ? 8pm / Sun 11am - 5pm)

Please check Argos support for more info and have your transaction number ready for repair bookings.

For all other users in Europe:

For users in the USA

USA notebook support

Please note:
If your purchase a MSI Barebone notebook, also known as whitebook (e.g. MS-1012, MS-1013, and etc.), or a Powered by MSI system put together by a reseller, you MUST contact your direct seller  (place of purchase) to obtain Technical Support and warranty service due to manufacture policy .

If you want to contact your local MSI office, you should follow this link: How to contact MSI.

Please, if you get an answer from MSI that solves your problem, or helps you to fix the problem yourself, join the helper's club here and post your solution, so that others can benefit from your wisdom!

Thank you, and good luck! :biggthumbsup:

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