** MSI notebooks supplied with FreeDOS **

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May 25, 2004
While in most markets around the world, MSI's notebooks are supplied with Windows pre-installed, there are some market areas where MSI does not provide Windows with their notebooks.

There are a number of reasons for this:
[*] it reduces the wholesale cost of the notebook.
[*] it allows resellers and distributors to install their own localised version of Windows for languages that MSI HQ do not use (or understand).
[*] it gives end-users the choice to purchase and install the version of Windows they choose, or use an existing Windows licence they may have. Or install Linux. ;)

Either way, if you purchase a MSI notebook that does not come with Windows pre-installed, only 'FreeDOS', then it is YOUR responsibility to purchase or use an existing valid legal licence for Windows and install it yourself. Alternatively, for an additional cost, you can ask your reseller if they can provide the notebook with Windows pre-installed.

If your reseller didn't make it clear enough in their advert that no operating system was provided, and you are not happy with your product as a result, then that becomes a matter for you to take up with your reseller, not MSI.

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