msi optix mag342cqrv screen "flickering", white overcoat and horizontal variation of luminosity


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Sep 23, 2021
I got a brand new msi optix mag342cqrv, very happy I set it up with my computer everythings is fine at the start but 5 minutes later a white overcoat and horizontal variation of luminosity appears on my screen without any reason. So i reinstall graphic driver, use msi .icm and driver reboot several times, test 2 Hdmi on 2 differents ports, buy Display Port but nothing change. i given up, shut down my computer and few hours later i come back and no more white overcoat but still horizontal variation. okay it's better but i can't identify link between my actions and any change of state.
one more time i shut down my computer and on the evening i come back to see and magic appears every works fine. happy but completely lost i use my computer and later i can see horizontal variation appears randomly during few minutes and disappears. what i noticed thisis during this "bug" quality of image became very bad. this is like a 2k image compressed on dvix.

I saw this on took a screen shot for a friend but when my bug disappears i take a look on my screen shot and this perfectly normal. so i'm sure this is not about my graphic card but for sure about my monitor.

I need help to identify origin of my trouble and find a solution.

thank you for your help.