MSI P35 Neo & Intel Q8400 BIOS A7360IMS v1.10 111108


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Nov 21, 2022
I have a MSI P35 Neo (MS-7360) that has been running flawlessly on Windows 10 Home.

The BIOS version is A7360IMS v1.10 111108

On the MSI support page there are only 2 versions of the BIOS for the P35 Neo.


And none show this version of the BIOS....A7360IMS v1.10 (date) 111108

The BIOS has never been flashed manually since the system was purchased , but I did run the old version of Live Update on the system when it was still running Win 7.

No BIOS change has been made since the update to Win 10 Home.

The system has run fine till this past week. Windows 10 does automatic updates, but surely its not meant to flash the BIOS?

So what has happened is the following.

The system booted through the BIOS but the monitor stopped working (no VGA signal - it only has a VGA port)
The GPU is a new ASUS 730GT with VGA, DMI and HDMI

I changed out the CMOS battery and defaulted the CMOS using the pins on the motherboard - as per user manual.

System worked fine for a day.

Then the next morning the desktop would boot but the booting and BIOS was no longer visible on the screen - nothing not even the MSI logo

System does not boot to BIOS defaults. So I cant get to the BIOS menu to change any settings.

I've checked the HDD, its still fine. The monitor also runs when connected to a different computer. I also removed all the RAM chips except for the one closest to the CPU, made no difference, so I reseated all 4 chips. I also removed and reseated the GPU in the PCIe slot. Which also made no difference.

Now which BIOS version must I use to flash the BIOS using M-Flash, if the version I had is not listed on the MSI website?

Would I wreck the m/board if I flashed the AMI BIOS 2.0 2008-08-11 .....0.00 MB (?)

Or should I flash the P35 Neo's BIOS with AMI BIOS 2.1 dated 2009-05-14 ?

Seeing that my current BIOS version is nowhere to be found on the MSI support page....

Its still a mystery to me as to how this BIOS version A7360IMS v1.10 (date) 111108 was loaded - if its not on the official MSI support page.

The only way it could have been loaded was via MSI Live update, way back when I was still using Windows 7 and Live Update V5.
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