MSI P65 8RE Unboxing & Initial Thoughts


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Apr 8, 2019
The MSI P65 8RE is a great device for creators and gamers - even business people since its design is very minimal but it packs a lot of power with the latest Intel i7 and a GTX 1060 Max-Q.
As I was buying a laptop, the store representatives told me that I should get the P65 instead since its silver, cheaper, and it has the same features as the MSI GS65 with GTX 1060 but I was disappointed to find out that it was not. I wanted to return the product but the store's 5-day return window was finished - I get to live with a non-thunderbolt 3 device :( If you're planning to buy a P65, make sure its the White edition (8RF) since it has the same features as the GS65. I wish I did thorough research before believing the store representatives.

Here are the images (I couldn't upload the images here since there's a file size limit):

Here are some features that are missing:
1. RGB Backlit keyboard
2. Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)
3. 144hz Screen
4. A Slim 180W Charger Brick (the charger brick is bigger in the 8RE).

But it comes with cool features that the GS65 doesn't have:
1. A fingerprint scanner (that's it. It's not even that important)
It has some quality issue too (see the imgur link post above for the pictures) such as the trackpad being placed not in the center (the spaces between the trackpad and the laptop base are not equal) and the power button is not placed in the center too (theres a small space on the right side of the power button) [Im not talking about the design placement, Im talking about the fitting of the parts).

I wish this laptop (8RE) has at least Thunderbolt 3. This is a laptop targeted for creators but damn why doesn't it have TB3.
The unboxing experience was pretty cool, it came with a white box and a free minimal laptop backpack. Inside the box is the laptop in a white box with the paperwork and the bigger charger (bigger than the GS65's, urgh).

My MSI GT60 is officially retired and the 7-year difference is shocking - technology came a pretty long way.
The laptop is pretty light and thin just like the MacBook Pro (but in a smaller form factor and better specs).
Gaming with the P65 is a breeze. I get around 70 FPS in Apex Legends with maxed out settings but it runs pretty hot. The P65 has the Cooler Booster Trinity which I turn on to max speed whenever I game. I also lift the back side of the laptop to have better air flow and to prolong the laptop's life.

I do recommend this product for its price but you could surely buy another product such as the HP Omen 15 for a lower price and same specs. If this model has Thunderbolt 3 and 144hz, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat (assuming that I haven't bought it yet). I'm also making an unboxing, review, and benchmark video on my Youtube channel "Package Ripper" at . Make sure to check it out soon! Cheers!