MSI Partners with AEON Motor to Unveil the CROXERA M Smart Rearview Mirror


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Mar 26, 2014
[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI works with AEON Motor to showcase the CROXERA® M Smart Rearview Mirror in the CROXERA booth of SMART CITY SUMMIT & EXPO 2022. Featuring the first smart rearview mirror that can be mounted to all motorcycle brands, the CROXERA® M Smart Rearview Mirror makes it possible for motorcyclists to experience the safety and convenience of the vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications designed to improve road safety and traffic efficiency, without changing their vehicles.


Two-wheelers made up a large share of the world’s vehicles population, and the safety of the group has always been a hot topic. MSI and AEON Motor launch the CROXERA® M Smart Rearview Mirror, a cross-gen motorcycle safety part that integrated with technology, aesthetics, intelligence, and cloud-based solution. Powered by the V2X platform, CROXERA® M Smart Rearview Mirror offers more enhanced safety with notifications, bringing riders a more secure riding experience.

Stylish and durable engineering design
CROXERA® M Smart Rearview Mirror combines the innovative technologies and top-of-the-line engineering of MSI and AEON Motor. The external streamlined design matches the embossed texture to create a simple and stylish look. And its internal structure is made of threaded and electroplated hollow metal tubes, waterproof wires, and reinforced composite materials to ensure long-term durability under harsh climates.

Integrated safety technology
With built-in BLE 5.2, the CROXERA® M Smart Rearview Mirror offers a fast and stable data transmission rate. By downloading the CROXERA Edge App on your phone, motorcycle riders can customize the display color of the LED strip on top of the rearview mirror. The cloud-computing-based speed camera alerts and smart notification will glow as you approach a speed camera, and both will flash with the LED strip to help drivers avoid getting speeding tickets.

CROXERA® M Smart Rearview Mirror will be presented at the CROXERA booth of SMART CITY SUMMIT & EXPO from March 22 to 25. At the entry point, MSI’s AI Smart Access Control System will operate temperature screening for attendees. In addition, MSI will also exhibit products related to Automotive & Commercial Solutions, Fleet Management Tablet, and IoT Telematics Box. Experience the future of the motorcycle industry up close and personal.

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Alan J T

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Sep 11, 2020
NA if it helps people to avoid speeding tickets toss it out that is not a safety feature
I actually find it somewhat disturbing MSI is investing in ways for fool to advios fines for breaking the law.
If it warned of approaching traffic then ya I would be behind it but not A way to Avoid speeding fines that is just pure bull.