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Mar 26, 2014
(MSI eSports News Report)2014 MSI continued to help popularize electronic sports and support gamers and teams selected from all over the world.MSI is honored to sponsor popular eSports team Vox Eminor as our only local brand ambassador in Australia since 2013. Founded in 2010, Vox Eminor is a professional eSports team focused mainly on first-person shooter (FPS) game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and have received numerous gaming awards and local tournament wins. Vox Eminor first caught the global audience's eye at the 2013 MSI Beat IT Global Grand Finals where they walked away proudly with 4th place and showed the world their great ambition to make room for Australia and to write their name in CS:GO history. Now let's find out more about them in our exclusive interview!

Hello and welcome Vox Eminor to join the MSI family! How do you feel to be part of us?
It feels great, MSI has had such a large presence in Australian gaming for such a long time, especially in Counter-Strike that it was something we had wanted for quite a long time. To be able to put on the Jersey with the MSI logo and go, yep that?s us, has been very cool.

Kindly introduce Vox Eminor lineup to our global users!

Chad ?Spunj? Burchill
Ingame Leader, Age24
Favorite Map: de_vertigo

Aaron ?AZR? Ward
Rifler, Age21
Favorite Map: de_overpass

Luke ?Havoc? Paton
Awper/ Rifler, Age23
Favorite Map: de_inferno

Azad ?topguN? Orami
Awper/ Rifler, Age25
Favorite Map: de_inferno

Justin ?jks? Savage
Fragger, Age18
Favorite Map: de_dust2

Performance CS:GO
Mar 2013 Winner CG CS:GO ODC - Australia Online Tournament
Mar 2013 Winner CGPL Season 1 CS:GO National Championship - Australia Live Event
Apr 2013 Winner CGOI One day tournament - Australia Online Tournament
May 2013 Winner Kingston HyperX CS:GO Cup - Australia Online Tournament
Jul 2013 Winner Ozone Revolution CS:GO CUP - Australia Online Tournament
Sep 2013 Winner Mwave CS:GO Professional League - Australia Online Professional League
Sep 2013 Winner MSI Beat IT Oceania Qualifier - Australia Online Tournament
Oct 2013 Winner Armageddon CS:GO Battlegrounds - Australia Online Tournament
Nov 2013 4th Place MSI Beat IT Global - China Live Event
Dec 2013 Quarter Finalist Dreamhack Open CS:GO Tournament - Sweden Live Event
Jan 2014 Winner Sydney Gamers League LAN - Sydney LAN Event
Mar 2014 Winner Vox Eminor "Vox Play Aftermath" Tournament - Online
Apr 2014 Winner Vox Eminor "Vox Play Aftermath" Tournament - ODC
May 2014 Winner Vox Eminor "Vox Play Battle Grounds" Tournament - Online Q1
May 2014 Winner Vox Eminor "Vox Play Battle Grounds" Tournament - Online Q2
May 2014 Winner Vox Eminor "Vox Play Battle Grounds" Tournament - Online Q3
May 2014 Winner Vox Eminor "Vox Play Battle Grounds" Tournament - Online Q4
Jun 2014 Winner Vox Eminor "Vox Play Battle Grounds" Tournament - Online FINALS
Jul 2014 Winner ESL One Cologne Oceania Qualifier
Aug 2014 Top 16 ESL One Cologne

Performance Battlefield 4
Jul 2014 Winner ESL One Cologne Oceania Qualifier
Aug 2014 Top 8 ESL One Cologne

Performance StarCraft II
Jul 2014 Group Stage ACL Sydney
Aug 2014 2nd Place FFN # 24
Sep 2014 2nd Place FFN # 26
Sep2014 Winner Sea Rising Star Tournament

Please introduce your team name Vox Eminor and how does Vox Eminor start up as a team, faced with any difficulties or challenges in the beginning?
Vox Eminor was something of a joint project between me and a friend where we wanted to make a team to raise the standard for gaming teams in Australia. Vox Eminor is loosely translated as menace or menacing, it?s kind of funny as our team is a really friendly team so we aren?t really menacing in the end. At the start I think the biggest challenges we had was finding players, Vox Eminor isn?t all about results we want a certain type of person to represent us and our standards are relatively high. It made it hard in some ways as finding the right players is hard enough but we feel in the end our efforts paid off as we have a team of great people.

Tell us something about Vox Eminor?s team mascot!
Oh you must be talking about Kev, he is a bit of a show stealer that one, it all started back at MSI Beat IT 2013 Global in Beijing where we took him over to show our Australian pride and he started a bit of a media circus. He has been with us overseas ever since and continues to steal the show at every event we go to!

Vox Eminor?s team mascot,Kevington Rooboy,a kangaroo injersey.

As the MSI brand ambassador, tell us about the most impressive things during the cooperation!
Well in all honesty it has to be the support we get from the Australian MSI team, both the component and Notebook team work closely alongside and do their best to help us compete at the highest level. We have worked with gaming brands before where they didn?t get overly involved but the MSI Australia team is always there helping us out.

MSI has a full range of gaming products, what is Vox Eminor?s favorite product and function so far and why? What else does Vox Eminorwant to try in the future and why?
My favorite in all honesty is the GS60, I did an unboxing of the notebook and I was somewhat skeptical as I have had a brand A laptop before and was really disappointed at the gaming performance for such an expensive laptop. I originally thought ok this will be interesting but after using it for a few weeks I didn?t want to give it back. It was a true desktop replacement gaming laptop that I was more than happy to game on compared to other gaming laptops where you would only do it if you couldn?t find a desktop. The future I would have to say the NVidia GTX800 series cards, I have used both the GTX760 and GTX770 cards and been very impressed with the performance, especially the Twin Frozr II GTX760 as it really is a little powerhouse for its price so the 800 series cards should be really exciting.

As a professional eSports team for CS:GO, what does Vox Eminor do to get ready for every upcoming big tournament?
It?s really interesting that you ask, we have players who aren?t paid professional gamers so they have to go to work or study during the day then game at night. With that in mind it?s been really great to see our team reach a high level under those conditions and it?s all about making the most of your time. All of the players put in time to better their game so when they are together as a team they can keep building the chemistry between the players. When we are getting ready we just focus on perfecting what we do more than trying to study other teams and counter them.

What is Vox Eminor?s favorite eSports team and why? What can Vox Eminor learn from them?
Fnatic, Fnatic, Fnatic, Fnatic. Ever since MSI Beat IT Global we struck up a strong friendship with their Counter Strike team and we have had a lot of support from them since. They even stayed with the team for a few days before EMS One Katowice, whether it was practice sessions or cheering them on our teams have had an affinity from the start. I think what we can learn from them is composure, they always seem so relaxed and on top of their game whether they are winning or losing, it?s what makes them such good guys and a great team.

Vox Eminor at 2014 ESL One Cologne.

?Gaming is a brotherhood.?

Any opinion or expectation for the Australian eSports environment? Any suggestions for all the gamers that intend to go pro?
I think the core thing with Australian eSports is spectatorship, which also becomes a suggestion for the gamers that want to go pro too. Get involved and start watching the higher level competitions and learn from them. Get a good group of people around you and grow together, try and stay together as long as you can and you will make your way to the top. Too many players chase places in better teams and end up in a new team each season, stability brings results as there is no point in learning as a team if you then have to start again with a new one.

As a professional eSports team, what is the meaning of GAMING to Vox Eminor?
Gaming is a brotherhood, as much as we get into professional eSports we still find success through a brotherhood between gamers that makes us better players. It?s that group of guys around you that you rely on when the chips are down or you aren?t playing well that makes gaming and eSports what it is.

What are Vox Eminor?s expectation and plan for 2015?
2015 we would love to be our breakout year, we have struggled in 2014 where our international trips were basically 2 maps against the world?s best, win or you?re going home. Maybe some tournaments or opportunities to compete where we get more time and more matches to show what we are actually capable of so we can prove that we are worthy of the opportunities given to us.

Finally, is there anything Vox Eminor would like to say?
First of all we have to say thank you to our fans, we have a large international following not just local and it?s seeing those posts from all around the world wishing us well or congratulating us on our efforts which makes the thrills and the heartbreaks all worthwhile. We have had community members in Europe drive from another country to drop off 2 computers so we can prepare, it?s that kind of support which makes us the team we are and we are forever grateful.

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