MSI Partners with eSports Team MiTH: Made in Thailand, Born to Play!


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Mar 26, 2014

Early in 2009, MSI started a sponsorship program and has now sponsored more than10 professional eSports teams worldwide; MSI Beat IT 2014 Global has concluded successfully ( This year,MSI was still devoted to eSports industry and is honored to announce a formal partnership with world famouseSports team MiTHas our brand ambassador in Thailand. Founded in 2010, MiTH is a professional multigaming organization, which has the most skilled players in 7 different games (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of Newerth, Point Blank, FIFA Online 3, Heroes of The Storm, Starcraft II, Infestation: Survivor Stories).Operated by, MiTH is currently the number one eSports team in Thailand,received various gaming awards and tournament wins. Now let's find out more about MiTH in our exclusive interview!

Welcome MiTH to join the MSI family! Kindly introduce your up-and-coming young CS:GOteam lineup to our global users!

Tosapol ?TOR? Saekow
Ingame Leader, Age 22, Favorite Map: Dust2

Sarindhorn ?JinNy? Wanothayarnchai
Awper, Age 24, Favorite Map: Dust2

Nuttanan ?P1NG? Wannarak
Rifler, Age 19, Favorite Map: Inferno 

Trakul ?LuckyMAN? Soison
Rifler, Age 24, Favorite Map: Inferno

Phongsagon ?pRomachine? Tungchitpornchai
Fragger, Age 24, Favorite Map: Cache 

Weerasak ?KirosZ? Boonchu
Rifler, Age 26, Favorite Map: Inferno

How does MiTH CS:GO start up as a team, faced with any difficulties or challenges in the beginning?
First of all, we gather from different teams and we have a chance to practice together. We realize that we should unite as a team, so we start to practice hard and compete in domestic and international league. However, we faced with some problems that made we changed our lineupfor 3 times. Finally, we have suitable players who understand strategies and have good gaming senses that can make this currently roasters can get many achievements.

1st BenQ CS:GO XL Series Tournament February 2015
1st BenQ CS:GO XL Series Tournament January 2015
1st BenQ CS:GO Championship 2014
1st GIGABYTE CS:GO Tournament
1st SteelSeries CS:GO Tournament

How do you like the experience tocooperate with MSI?
First of all, we would like to say thank you to MSI that always supports MiTH. Moreover, we feel comfortable to cooperate with MSI and we will practice hard to be the best team in the world.

MSI has a full range of gaming products, which is your favorite and would like to recommend to gamers?
The product that we would like to suggest all gamers is GS60, because this is a powerful laptop which we can take the laptop to play or practice wherever we want. Moreover, GS60 is very small and has a light weight that is easily to carry.
Link to GS60 Video

Every detail on MSI gaming series products is not only designed by experienced R&D, but also tested by professional gamers. With the power of MSI gaming, these professional gamers have been achieving outstanding records in the worldwide stage.

?Practice hard and dream big to make your dream comes true.?

As a professional eSports team, what is the meaning of GAMING to you?
As aneSports team, we can define gaming as an electronic sport that make communities and combine all gamers who have a same fondness.

As a professional eSports team, what do you do to get ready for every upcoming big tournament?
Firstly, we will make sure that all players in the team can practice at the same time and dates. Secondly, we practice hard with international teams 6-7 hours per day and we will find weak points to figure them out together in everyday. Lastly, we watch a lot of replays of every team and find the weakness of each team. Moreover, we will find spots or strategies that make benefits to the team.

MiTH in CS:GOtournamnet of Commart.

Any opinion or expectation for Thailand eSports environment? Any suggestions for all the gamers that are intend to go pro?
As you can see, in Thailand, games are not admitted to some adults or parents. The thing that we expect is gaming should be supported by from the government as an electronic sport like many developed countries such as Singapore, the USA, etc. Last thing that we will suggest all gamers is that when you are good at something you should practice hard and dream big to make your dream comes true.

Notice that MiTH CS:GO team has a young and adorable lady! JinNy, tell us something about Thailand's eSports environment for female gamer.
Hi everyone! I'm JinNy. As a female gamer, I think female gamers will get attention more than male gamers because there are not many women in Thailand that playing games. Particularly, there are barely women who play FPS(First-person shooter) games such as CS:GO. Unlike the USA and Europe there are leagues for female in CS:GO.
MiTHJinNy Live Stream

MiTH?s management is also different from the others. They take things serious, push hard and because they are non-profit organization, they wish of nothing in return.

What isMiTH CS:GO team?s expectation and plan for 2015?
This year, we expect to win all tournaments in Thailand that currently we get some achievements already. If we have a chance, we hope that we will be supported to participate international leagues in many countries. The reason that we want to participate international leagues is that we can gain experience by playing with professional teams.

Finally, is there anything MiTH CS:GO team would like to say?
We hope that people will follow the eSports scene in Thailand especially CS:GO which is growing up in a good way.

MiTH Official Website
MiTH Facebook


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Mar 30, 2015
It looks like MSI is pretty serious in expanding its global GAMING reach.  :biggthumbsup:


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Nov 7, 2014
Pretty cooool!! Can't imagine there is female pro-gamer in Thailand :agrees: