MSI pen latency issues, but only on pressure.

Feb 27, 2023
I've tried everything. Sent my PC to tech support as well (for that reason and another) and they sent it back to me with a new pen, but the same thing still happens. There is latency with my MSI pen, but only with pressure. Not with position nor detection of presses. I'm starting to think this is the intended behavior, but it's really annoying and it's not the same as with my actual drawing tablet. Anyone could help me with that ? I've been in every little setting I can find. I'm almost expecting to find a "pressure delay" setting in some place I'm not supposed to access, with it being set by default to something like 250 ms because "it looks nicer to have round line endings when writing" (see image). If anyone could help me with that I'd really appreciate it ! Thanks in advance !