MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR4 - wifi problem


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Apr 22, 2022
Hi, since I build my PC is past one week and I still have issue with onboard Wifi 6 AX201. I am getting error 10 and/or 43. First I install drivers from DVD which came with Motherboard, then I try Windows update, then manully download newest driver from Intel site. Next what I try is third party software like Driver Easy, Cold shut down, reinstall Windows, reset network, contact Microsoft forum, bring PC to local pc experts, nothing. The seller is willing to replace motherboard but he did not have this kind of issue in past and conclustion is probably new driver realease will fix problem. For 10-15€ will now reassable whole PC again, instead I can buy new wifi card.

You can check my story here

What is your opinion, I think that I tried everything. Can we push Intel to check this and make fix?
Thank you in advanced.

Alan J T

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Sep 11, 2020
Ods are bad card I would just replace it