MSI pro s3 standby


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Apr 20, 2009
Before I get flamed I just want to say that I HAVE searched this problem, but could not seem to find a definite answer, so please don't yell too loudly.

Anyways, I have an MSI pro, and I can't get the S3 Standby state to work.? The computer goes into Standby, but when I turn it back up (with the power button, or mouse, or keyboard when I have it enabled) the computer starts up but nothing is displayed on the screen, it is not even receiving a signal.? The keyboard lights also don't light up (Numlock, etc).? I have tried adjusting bios settings till my face is blue, same with the Windows XP settings.? I have the latest ATI drivers for my 4870x2.? Any help would be much appreciated.? The only way to fix it is pull the plug or hold the power button down for 6 seconds until it shuts down. Oh, and I have bios Version 7.0.

I just downloaded and flashed my BIOS to the newest 7.3 version.  Well, leaving all the settings at their default in the BIOS, except enableing s3 instead of s1 standby, it still didn't work.  Still locks up on resuming, blank screen, just like I described before.  I don't know, I pretty much have given up with s3 and just stick with s1, which I rarely use anyway.  Oh well, if anyone else has an update, please let me know.
I have an X58M with a 100% standard i7-920 with 6GB of RAM. I enabled S3 in the BIOS and now sleep works for 50%. It sleeps OK but does not store the image to disk as well. Actually it seems to try as I can hear the disks going but it seems to be for nothing. If the power fails while the system sleeps it does not recover. This despite the Vista claim that sleep is a combination of suspend and hibernate.

I use Vista Home Premium x64. The idea that hibernating is useless with more than 4GB is absurd. No other word for it. I want to save the state of my system and power it down. I'll gladly wait a few seconds for memory to be loaded from hard disk (hiberfil.sys exists on my hard drive so Vista was 'nice' enough to allocate space for it).

So the bottom line is that Vista is the limiting factor here? Sleep won't write to hard disk because I have 6 GB?


It looks like I'm going to be the one that blows the curve. I have a X58 platinum SLI 920 (oc'd to 3.32 GHz) with 9GB Corsair 1600 DDR3 (oc'd to 166 MHz with every dimm slot full) running Vista HP and my S3 sleep works fine. However, that did not come without some experimentation since it did not work at first. First off I never could get the Vista "high performance" power setting to work. I use the "balanced" setting. Secondly, and here's the big one for my system, in the advanced settings I had to set "Multimedia settings" to "allow the computer to sleep". Any other setting under multimedia would not allow my system to sleep, or wake up from sleep. I hope that helps. Good Luck!
Well, sleep/standby works fine for me too but it won't survive a power outage. Does your system recover if you power down when it's sleeping?
NocturnalOne said:
Well, sleep/standby works fine for me too but it won't survive a power outage. Does your system recover if you power down when it's sleeping?

Yes, but it does take about the same time as a cold boot. In my case the last thing the computer did prior to S3 was to write a 9GB file to disk (equivalent to my RAM size). As such upon wake up it has to recover the 9GB.