MSI Recognized with GOOD DESIGN AWARD for Inspiring Tech Meets Aesthetic Spirit


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Jun 27, 2017

The GOOD DESIGN AWARD, among the four greatest global design awards, has been celebrating good design for over 60 years, ever since its founding in 1957 as the Good Design Product Selection System (or G Mark System), under the sponsorship of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. MSI, the global leading gaming brand, won GOOD DESIGN AWARD for its Summit E14 Flip and Modern 15 laptops which totally matched the award’s guiding ideas of humanity, honesty, innovation, esthetics and ethics, set a benchmark for practicing its concept of Tech meets Aesthetic.


MSI Summit E14 Flip Laptop

Summit E14 Flip is a business laptop with both concept and practice. In the past, traditional craftsmanship laid the foundation for today's products. As time goes by, traditional craftsmanship tends to fall into neglect, then we came up with a bold idea to combine the classic embossing craftsmanship with the 360-degree rotating hinge. It not only meets the needs of users in different modes but also conveys the spirit of traditional craftsmen by Summit E14 Flip; keep improving. Meanwhile, we focus on the Fibonacci sequence, making the 16:10 touch screen suitable for various display situations. In order to practice ESG corporate social responsibility, we minimized the anodizing process of surface treatment to achieve environmental friendliness. The Summit E14 Flip business laptop was born perfectly with the consideration of both scientific and humanistic perspectives.


MSI Modern 15 Laptop

We are constantly thinking about the relationship between laptops and production processes, and how to use the best materials and production technologies to create a new design concept. MSI Modern 15 business laptop is inspired by Blobitecture in architecture. From the outside in, the rational architecture rule transitions to the elegant lines that are naturally generated. Modern 15 brings out the light and shadow changes from the arc of the upper cover. The hand hole and camera lens are hidden subtly in the elegant curved surface of the front section, and the lines extending to the rear section are naturally transformed into lift-up foot pads that are enough to avoid the laptop touching the desk surface directly. To practice ESG corporate social responsibility, we adopt in-mold decoration technology to achieve a clean manufacturing process with no volatile toxic gas and no sewage discharge. The environmentally friendly production process is also another interpretation of our sustainable design. Rational and aesthetic design, you can feel it from the Modern 15 business laptop.

"Differing from other design awards, GOOD DESIGN AWARD requires designers to pay more attention to the changes of the world, and then, respond and act to design, considered to be the milestone of the development of global design and industry. Therefore, when kicking off these products, we will not just limit to the good design itself which must bring users the premium experience, but deeper considerations beyond design, such as product value, meaning, environmental protection, sustainability...etc. It is also the Tech meets Aesthetic spirit that MSI wants to present in these award-winning products," said MSI Laptop Designer Henri Chen.

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Alan J T

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Sep 11, 2020
Yep I will say I do like the Summit Flip E16 I have now.
But Magnets for pen on Left and right side would be very nice to have I'm Right handed and having pen on left-hand side is a tad annoying.
Oh and make it so there is like a colored edge like you have on the display edge around the Fingerprint reader.

That is about the only gripe I would have with it.