msi rx 470 gaming x 4gb unboxing

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Feb 5, 2017
i am from turkey.  
  At the beginning of 2017 i collected the computer. I was unsure about the choice of graphics card. As a result of my long research, I decided that the most suitable and cost effective display card was the MSI RX 470 gaming x. I also learned that the cooling system of this card is very good. i bought abouth 240$ its cheap for me and i played lot of new game with 1080p ultra quality i happy :)  i played gta 5 abouth 60 fps,  the withcher 3 --> 50  watch dogs--> 50 fps  they min fps.      
my comp. i5 6500, 8gb ram , msi h110 gaming motherboard(i will share my motherboard unboxing)

msi solutions; i download msi gaming app and afterburner..

gaming app; when i download gaming app  after a while  i see green screen on my monitor idk why
afterburner: is very good working  i can change performance and control fan and osd screen i love it

in case; msi mades really sexy graphics card i can move leds i love it. fans are very big. but i have only one problem: i wish have backplate cos with back plate more sexy :)

pros: very silent graphics card ever :)
         good and enough performance nearly rx480
         cooling performance best
cons:  havent backplate                                          

last; sorry of my english :)  and i want know who meet green screen and write me thx :)                                                                                                                                                  


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