MSI RX 580 ARMOUR OC Worked Fine In My Build, But Is Not Working In Friend's And We're Stumped


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Mar 28, 2024
Hello friends, I recently gave my RX 580 ARMOUR OC GPU to a friend, which we just transferred from my build [see here:] to my friend's, but it doesn't work for some reason. He's connected the 8-pin correctly and the fan's spin but there's no ready light on it and it won't post. He has a i5-9600KF CPU, 24gb RAM, 850 PSU, Z390 Gaming EDGE Motherboard running E7B17IMS.AC1 BIOS. Any help is appreciated!!
Try Clear CMOS on that PC.
Else run the GPU on different PC, and make sure to use GOP compatible vbios and original vbios, not modded.