MSI Shows Off AIoT Solutions at Online COMPUTEX 2022


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May 4, 2015
MSI Shows Off AIoT Solutions at Online COMPUTEX 2022
Find out more at COMPUTEX DigitalGo & CYBERWORLD
[Taipei, Taiwan] COMPUTEX 2022, Taiwan’s annual computing fair will open its doors on May 24. MSI will showcase its comprehensive AIoT solutions, covering from customized servers, industrial computers, robots, and automotive electronic products. All online at COMPUTEX DigitalGo and CYBERWORLD. In addition, the MSI’s Texcell-verified AMR-AI-PJ-UVGI robot will also perform disinfecting tasks in the physical show to ensure public health safety.
"MSI has always been a leader in the IDC industry for our 35+ years of R&D experience. We absorb the latest tech info from the evolving AIoT world, know exactly the needs of our clients, use our know-how, and the best part is that we have our own factories. All provided with the convenience of one-stop service," says Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.
Here are MSI’s AIoT solutions:

MSI AMR-AI-PJ-UVGI Robot: Texcell-verified to Inhibit Coronavirus
MSI’s AMR Robot is certified by European P3 laboratory Texcell, its UVGI sterilization can effectively suppress the new coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) within 30 seconds. Featuring the active AI air-switching between sterilization and surface disinfection, the AMR robot provides continuous UV air purification for scheduled spaces.
The 253.7nm wavelength UVGI light kills airborne and surface contaminants and purifies the air. Integrated with the next-gen LDS module and Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera, the service robot can process self-navigation, smart route planning, accurate geotagging, and real-time analysis of the working site, making it fully autonomously.


MS-Bravo Vehicle Edge Computing System for vehicle fleet management
Designed for AIoT Smart fleet management, the MS-Bravo edge computing system offers a vehicle data acquisition platform that can conduct a real-time analysis of the collected vehicle images and location information. The system sports AI M.2 interface modules powered by Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU, capable of delivering 1 TOPS of compute performance on deep neural networks inferences and giving a flexible AI inference solution.
MS-Bravo has embedded LTE and Wi-Fi modules for OTA updates and data offloads, Bluetooth for connection to local mobile devices, as well as GPS for position measurement. MS-Bravo is IPX2 ingress test rated, and its power supply ranges between 8~36V DC, operating 0°C ~50°C while storage temperature at -40~ +80°C.

MS-Bravo (3)s.png

MS-9B17 Embedded System Computer with Intel® IOTG Atom™ E3950 wide temperature processor
Designed with wide pressure and wide temperature, MS-9B17 can be applied to the In-vehicle information system of different vehicles ranging from EVs, trucks, buses, and stackers. Connected to the intelligent safety driving monitoring system through PoE (PoE Mobile Surveillance Systems) to improve driving safe while reducing human error, it can also be used for route planning and remote connection to the central control system.
The thin and robust industrial computer supports DC power input with a wide voltage range of 12~48V and operates stably in a wide temperature range of -20~+70°C. MS-9B17 is also equipped with a power ignition management system that allows appropriate handling of an in-vehicle system’s power supply when starting up and shutting down to prevent the risk of damaging computers or vehicles from sudden power loss or improper computer shutdown.


ND62 10.1” Windows rugged tablet – Compact and slim
With IP65, MIL-STD-810 ratings, and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 panel, ND62 rugged tablet is tailored to work in the harshest of environments. ND62 comes with a 10.1-inch IPS touch screen operable with gloves, rain, and stylus mode in a15mm thickness and a 990g lightweight which is perfect for field-based platforms, warehouse, or factory operators.
Thanks to the 11th Gen Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® processors supporting Windows 10 & 11 OS, plus the latest WiFi 6, ND62 enables superior roaming and multitasking capability. Designed and developed by MSI’s R&D team, ND62 brings security, performance, and connectivity in rugged mobile computing for retail and logistics automation markets.


MSI’s Enterprise Platform Solution (EPS) Business
Based on decades of experience in ODM R&D, design, and manufacturing, MSI’s Enterprise Platform Solution (EPS) business highlights Server, Network Appliance, and IIoT product lines. MSI has a factory space of 320,000 square meters, coupled with the latest automated manufacturing systems, which can provide ODM clients with all-inclusive service at competitive costs.
With the success of R&D team, we work with big names from Intel® and AMD® to IBM® and ARM platforms. Our representative server products include: AMD E2101/G3101/S2203a/ S2203b series and Intel: S1201/S2201a/S2201b series. EPS business also shows its strength in terms of 5G and Edge Computing, AI Deep Learning, Big Data analysis, HPC, Cloud Computing, content transmission, Virtual Networks, 5G Core, and Edge Micro Data Center.
EPS (1).jpg

MSI FUNTORO Next-Gen MOD Solution for Passenger Transport
Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and DisplayPort Alternate Mode, FUNTORO’s Next-Gen MOD (Media On-Demand) Solution allows passengers to enjoy high-speed multimedia and fast battery charging of smartphones simultaneously. The product features include: the fast charging tech Quick Charge & USB Power Delivery allows charging your smartphone to 80% in less than 30 minutes; DisplayPort Alternate Mode for power supply, data, and video transmission; gesture recognition tech grants passengers to select their favorite media contents by their fingers; and Bluetooth 5.2 support for connectivity of wireless headphones to enrich the audio experience.

01 Wi-Fi MOD Solution.png

Smart Access Control & UVC Sterilization System
To satisfy the access management and public health demands of businesses in the post-COVID era, MSI has developed the contactless Smart Access Control System and UVC LED Sterilization System for public transportation and commercial sectors. Both systems have been installed in Asia, Australia, and South America. We are convinced that MSI’s solutions will help transport operators and companies recover business soon from the pandemic!

MSI @ COMPUTEX 2022 Online

Date: Tuesday, May 24 - Monday, June 06
Time: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (GMT +08:00)
Location: MSI@COMPUTEX DigitalGo

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