MSI Tomahawk Max Z790 Wifi


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Feb 10, 2024
Hi, I have a MSI Tomahawk Max WiFi Z790 motherboard, CPU I5-14600KF and 64GB RAM DDR5 6400MHz. When I purchased and assembled these components, in the BIOS (7E25vA1) the RAM was automatically set to 4800MHz, I increased it to 6400MHz (according to the manufacturer's parameters) and everything worked fine. I then accualized the BIOS to version 7E25vA2, the RAM switched to 4800MHz again. But now when I try to increase the RAM frequency, the motherboard throws an error about RAM overclocking and won't let me raise the frequency even by 100MHz. Is this a BIOS error or am I doing something wrong somewhere ?
vA2 is known buggy (although mostly in other regards than the RAM support, but still), so update to the new vA3 and try again.