MSI Vox Software


New member
Oct 8, 2009
My friend gave me his MSI VOX USB 2.0 device but he lost his software. How can I get a copy? Do I need to purchase again or is there a way to download it?

It only says MSI Vox with a part# 8609-070 on the back. Must be a first generation?

I had post this in the past somewhere when I had Vista and XP but now I am using Windows 7 on my Laptop. Back then I still do not recall finding the software.

I didn't have any luck finding what you need at MSI website. Probably best for you to simply buy a new product instead of going around in circles again.
I have a TV@nywhere + and there are current drivers and software still available for it. No good for use on laptop though if that's what you need it for.
Not exactly ready to buy. I am in the process of moving and came across mine and thought I'd give it another shot before packing it up.

However, once I am settled I might be interested if you still have it.

Mind telling me the price?