[MSI x LamiGirls] Eye-catching Booth Babes at COMPUTEX 2015


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May 4, 2015
Weeks ago, I hung out with friends at COMPUTEX and saw the crowd gathered around MSI booth. Out of curiosity, I pushed my way through the noisy crowd to find out what was happening. It was a facebook like click event: Click "like" on MSI Gaming and MSI Global, take a selfie with your favorite booth babes, and you will get a free dragon doll. Well, who doesn't love free stuff? After 5 minutes of waiting, I got one in my bag.
P.S. According to a tech geek standing next to me, two pink tee girls are from a famous cheer squad "LamiGirls" of a local baseball team "LAMIGO."

Placed the doll anywhere you like. Having it clipped on your own hair did seem like a brilliant idea..

Show girls snapped a selfie with one visitor friendly.

Another photo with a shy visitor.

Now I knew that they needed to walk around the exhibition hall... Both sure were professional booth babes with the ability to strike a pose at the sight of a camera lens.

What on earth was a leggy, skinny man holding an iron for? It turned out that he was demonstrating 3D printing process using a workstation laptop on the girl.

The statue-like result of 3D printing.

MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK motherboard won the Golden Award of COMPUTEX Best Choice of the year.

Nahimic booth babe with charming smile and blue hair.

Small but powerful MSI gaming desktop Nightblade MI.

Overclock World Record Stage 2015 was just around the corner.