MSI X570-A PRO OC Genie 4 - Fan Curve Unresponsive - Resolved

Oct 18, 2022
LST, if I turn on OC Genie 4, the fan curve I have set no longer sticks. I can't tell if its static or if its a different preset curve, but it doesn't ramp up when testing with Cinebench.

Prior to turning on OC genie, I just left the CPU at default, only making changes to FCLCK for the RAM and enabling XMP. Then I have the fan curve I was talking about, which when OC genie is turned off. Totally responsive no problems. Oh also, if I set my fans to DC mode instead w/ oc genie on, they will actually ramp up on load, but then they stay at that speed even when the load is taken off.

Lets see Info:
BIOS version: 7C37vHI
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Mobo: MSI X570-A Pro
GPU: 6700XT PowerColor Fighter
RAM: CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 x 2
OS: Windows 10 Build 21H2
PSU 850W Seasonic

I haven't really OCd in the past, but I was using Ryzen Master seeing if I could achieve 4.2MHz on the 3600, which it can but with Ryzen Master it wont run stable with that speed without raising the voltage to about 1.45V. OC Genie 4 hits that 4.2Mhz @ 1.1V. I have yet to try manually changing the values in bios myself but I had already tried other methods to get the fan curve set w/ OC genie turned on. MSI Center recognizes its on and asks to turn off OC genie. Suggestions would be appreciated!
If your using for games turn OC Genie off it will hamper same as setting a set clock speed it will hamper gaming performance.

Turn on PBO set A-XMP and well that is about all you need to do