MSI Z390-A Pro with Phanteks Enthoo Pro case, PWM Configuration Question


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Aug 5, 2020
I am a programmer by training and not a real hardware guy but attempting to build my first PC. Thought it would be a good training exercise to try and expand my knowledge base.

I have the following components:
MSI Z390-A Pro MB in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case
I am using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO with supplied fan as a CPU cooler

The Enthoo case comes with a PWM. The case came pre-wired with a front and rear fan and wired into the PWM. PWM has a single (4) pin with a wire that says to CPU FAN. All other ports appear to be (3) pin. So the wires from the front and rear fans are (3) pin connectors.

If I plug the PWM into the MB CPU fan port, I am not sure where to put the cable from the CPU fan itself. I read that you can convert the (4) pin to a (3) pin but there are drawbacks having to do with control and time the fan runs.

I have read a lot of people recommending plugging the Cooler Master directly into the CPU Fan on the MB for best control. But then I wonder what to do with the other fans.

So here is the question(s):
1) If I leave the Cooler Master directly plugged into the MB at CPU Fan, should I maybe connect the PWM to another fan port on the MB. For cable management, I am liking the position of sys_fan2. I can probably reach sys_fan1 but location on the board is awkward. Or maybe use Pump_Fan1 but I understand the fan may run constantly and I am not sure if that is good or bad.
2) Or, should I just ignore the PWM supplied. Plug CPU fan in directly and put the front fan in something like Sys_Fan 4 or 5 and rear fan into Sys_Fan 1 or 2 and call it done. I am assuming I can plug the (3) pins from the fan into the (4) pin on the MB
3) Or, should I plug the PWM into the MB at CPU Fan and get an adapter to convert the cooler Master to a (3) pin and plug into the PWM? I am leaning to No but if you can tell me a benefit, I am all ears

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?


May 18, 2008
You should plug the Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler fan into the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard. This is an important header specifically for CPU cooler fans and its definitely a PWM 4 pin connector.
The case fans connect to any Sys_Fan ports on the motherboard preferably in order but not necessary. The Sys_Fan headers on the motherboard should be all 4 pins headers but will also accept 3 pins plugs. You have to plug them in the right direction though. There is a plastic guide key on the socket plug to prevent you from plugging them the wrong way. Finally if the case fan plugs are only 3 pins then its just DC fans and not PWM (PWM is 4 pins & DC is 3 pins). In the BIOS Hardware monitor you can set each fan header control to PWM or DC for the motherboard to control the fan speeds. . This all just for the fan speed control method the motherboard should use for each fan header.
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