MSI Z490 Unify and C-states


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May 27, 2011
So I tried to OC my i5 10500 and every time I disable C-states it goes into fixed mode, kind of like disabling turbo boost @ fixed mode instead of dynamic.

It stays pinned at 42x instead of boost up to 45x.

If I select c-states auto and then manually force C0, it still reads as going into c7 state, at least according to realtemp.
Is bios bugged or it's how it suppose to be?

Edit: just tested throttle stop and it shows the same c7 state when Idle /out of bench mode. But I saw it goes to full c0 properly, guess I should just leave it be? But then again, why doesn't it limit to c3 or c0 if I select it in bios?


Why I'm asking this is, because when I tested throttle stop and had Destiny2 in background I saw C7 active when I alt+tab'd @ widnows high performance power plan..

I want to avoid any micro stutters, etc. And destiny2 is very stutter prone lately after newest DLC, they're aware, but still want to minimize it as possible.
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