Msi Z790 MPG Edge Wifi First thoughts


Feb 17, 2023
So my first thoughts on seeing this board was preaty good. the one thing i noticed was it was extremely heavy for a board meaning there is alot of heavy aluminum blocks on it for cooling. the board seems preaty good quality and the gpu slot is preaty strong and does not droop with my 3080ti installed. Everything seemed about as you would expect from a motherboard up till i had to socket the cpu .. I tried to pull the socket bar out and it was stuck .. i had to put alot of effort into unlatching it just to open the socket which was unusualto say the least... I put my brand new 13700k i7 into the slot and right away after only pushing the lever down a quarter of the way to a half that this socket was to bloody tight and i noticed the board and socket was starting to move rather then the lock bar. so i put the cpu latch back and loosened the screws holding the socket mounts in place and tried a few more times. i finaly got a decent tension but the screw s ere almsot all the way out at this point. In betwen i noticed my intial attempt to mount the lock lever i had put 2 dents in the lid of my cpu where it contacted it and a few scratchs.

I for now have just mounted my aio on the board and left hte screws a little loose since with the latching they will not come loose and started updateing my bios and drivers.
This part was alright msi drivers were preaty easy to updateing but the bios is a little hard to tell whats going on and is often just a black screen so all you can do is sit and wait and hope its doing what you told it to do. Being used to asus products this was a little stressing. Aside from this everything else went along smoothly and i have had not many issues aside from that aside from an overheating cpuof which reseating the cpu and aio did not help. the only thing that aided was turning the cpu offset voltage down to -0.150.

Overall my first impresion of msi is a 3.5 out of 5 as i beleive a board that costs around 600$ should be fully fledged and thiscpu socket issue is jsut pure overlooked lazyness.