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Sep 12, 2019
Hi guys, I decided to retire my old desktop. This PC building is a plague. Countless research to see which build would click to my preference is a nightmare. Did not think it would take weeks, I really wanted to squeeze as much juice and to be able to have an up-gradable component. so here goes sharing my build and the choices I made.

I am not a heavy gamer, but I do work a lot on my PC, and everyone do deserve to have a quality, fast, reliable desktop.

1.Case : MSI MAG Pylon ? the very first thing I ordered. I really wanted a glass case to be able to see where my money actually went. Sleek, gorgeous design, with the right RGB, you can go professional or gamer mode on this one. Was just scary handling at the beginning since it is tempered glass, but we have to be brave.

2.MSI MPG X570 gaming pro carbon wifi + AMD ryzen 5 3600x ? first with the CPU, I went with 3600X cause of budget, but I really wanted to have the latest that can get things done. This is where my motherboard comes in. From my previous MSI A68HM ? E33 V2 to an X570 carbon pro. X570 is a must, since I figured, I can upgrade my CPU in the long run, but I will stick with my X570. this is what I call, future proof. 6, sata, dual m.2 with heat sink, well, the looks. The carbon finish made me spend extra but I am not complaining, nope. Love the mystic light, I might not have pcie 4.0 or what but hey, who says I can?t have one in the future. Again, future proof. Max ram of 128, upgrade possibilities out of this earth.

3.Nvidia Quadro P1000 ? this was a gift. And yes, I am not a gamer, that is why I have a work station GPU
4.RAM ? 16gb (dual) ddr4 3200 Kingston fury RGB. I am on a budget, but I got an RGB case, so I had to have RGB ram. On a budget on the time of building, but I will upgrade to 32 gb ram, nope it is not too much. Nothing is.

5.Storage - 480 crucial SSD for general storage, 120gb m.2 nvme for OS and work apps, 120 m.2 sata for game apps. Had a mistake here. should have gone for those 1 TB. but I figured, external casing for m.2 and ssd can be bought, so it will still have use in the future. 500gb HDD from my old desktop used for pictures, documents, some music and movies.

6.Power Supply ? Seasonic M12II Evo 620 watts + 80 bronze full modular. Wanted to build a good-looking desktop, so full modular was a must, for the watts per say, dunno, I just asked around if it would be enough.

7.Monitor ? MSI optix G24VC. Yeah, why did I not get the MAG series? I wanted to, but did not have enough budget, why choose this monitor then? I just wanted an MSI monitor, to go well with my build, surprisingly, it checks out, no problems, and it looks and works astonishingly well. My previous monitor was Samsung, and they work really good together, few adjustments, and they work seemingly perfect.

8.Mouse and keyboard. Redragon s101 gaming combo. I have an old mouse and keyboard, but I am trying to build a new desktop here, and I wanted to keep the MSI feel, but the budget at this point is over the limit. Looking at the dragon logo, and msi logo, well, you know what I did, swiped that card.

Not a gamer here, MSI have been know to be superb at gaming, school, productivity, now, after a few weeks of using my build, MSI takes it to work. Yeah, I play my games now at high settings, but this desktop is for my work, and it actually gives me an edge in my work. Looks good, feels good, the verdict, money very well spent, and I am with a very happy heart.

Why do my work demand so much? I am a radiologist, yup, we read those x-rays and CT scans and MRI, so 3D reconstruction, volume rendering, yeah, we use them. What can I say, I love my job, love my PC, so thank you MSI.



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Oct 31, 2019
Interesting build and choice of components.
I am currently in the research stages for building my son a gaming desktop to take to college.
I have been a fan of MSI for some years (Actually I would say a decade or so) so I trying to put as much MSI stuff as I can afford into the build.


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Apr 14, 2020
Hi everyone!

I have not too many experience to build a pc. I have an too old PC desktop...i had lots of good time with it...but it's time to rebuild and to progress. I would like to buy a MSI MEG X299 Creation Motherboard what is could be a great base. I need helps, advices, experinces or knowledges to build it. Im listing some components what i thing could be good, would someone take them look and comment it if they are  compatibility with MEG X299 Creation?





Power Supply:

CPU Cooler:


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