My GPU cooler is broken and I can't find a replacement.


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Oct 15, 2021
Hi everyone, I bought an MSI gt 1030 Aero ITX OC graphics card in Turkey, sadly the GDDR4 model, it was the only one they had back then. Anyway, after 2 years of usage, its fan started to make weird noises like it is touching something which is not, apparently that was a fan balance issue and my card started to show some strange high temps which is not very common for a GT 1030 as u all know it's a low power card and the cooler was very good and almost overkill for the card before it broke of course. So I decided to disassemble it and re-paste so it could run a bit cooler, its guarantee was over anyway so...Here is the problem about that, it did not run cooler neither its fan got fixed. So I took out the plastic shroud with the fan itself and started to use the card with passive cooling. While doing that I also accidentally broke the shroud so even if I can find a replacement fan for the product, it doesn't have a surface to attach...I looked for an after-market cooler like the Arctic or Deep Cool ones, sadly they do not have anything for the GT 1030. Passive cooling is ok for most situations for my usage but in some games it starts to fry literally, I'm talking about 85+ temps which is pretty hot for this card (it's also OC by me a little more) Any ideas, what can I do? Oh and no, I'm not in a good situation for a new graphics card, I simply can't buy even a used high end card from last decade :(


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Jan 25, 2007
You can also check ebay or similar for a defective card to salvage the cooler. Attaching a case fan to the cooler with some improvised solution with zip ties should also work.