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Jul 9, 2017
First, i need to say that i have upgraded my GPU from MSI R9 280 (which is kinda low segment at this time) and i was happy with my old card it was my companion for the last 3 years and it was the first GPU that i have overclocked. I really liked the MSI Twinfrozr and thats why i decided to buy a MSI GTX 1060.

I bought the 1060 yesterday at 7 p.m. It was kinda scary to walk in dark with a high-tier GPU.

After getting home i was finally about the feel 1080p60FPS on AAA games like The Division and Witcher 3. I couldnt play the witcher because of my old GPU which was giving me low performance and i was playing Division at 1600p to recieve high fps but i was still getting frame drops on intense situations. So i was so happy to unbox my new 1060.

Package was good looking and very easy to open. After opening the box i saw the second box (the "Thing" that i thought it was a box but after unboxing i realised it was a foldable piece) inside of a 3rd box. Yea BOXCEPTION.
The foldable box-like thing was shaped rectangle and had a shiny msi dragon middle of it. It had driver CD, a well-drawn cartoon that explains how to plug in the new GPU and stickers in it. I dont have a CD-ROM so i have downloaded drivers online.

After taking that Foldable Thing and cover sponge, TA DAA, A MSI GTX 1060-6GB IN A TRANSPARANT GREY PLASTIC BAG. it was closed with a small tape. 

And thats it. Simple as that. Honestly it was really simple but i really have satisfied with the packaging. Very good looking.

I plugged in the GPU, downloaded drivers and i was ready to go.  I have tested Division first and  i was impressed from the results. I was getting 60 FPS at 1080p at low settings (obviously). But after taking setting to high. WOW. I was waiting for that smooth, good looking gameplay for 3 years and i've downloaded Witcher 3 today and i was really satisfied with that performance too. 60 FPS at high settings (mostly high settnigs) and hairworks. I was getting below 55 sometimes but that doesnt matter it lasts less than 5-6 seconds.

I uploaded the benchmark results and in-case looking of the card. Thanks for reading!

3DMARK: (Time Spy) I think this is a test for 2K gaming pcs but whatever.
3DMARK: (Fire Strike)


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