My new MSI GTX 750


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Sep 30, 2015
Very happy with this graphics card, you can get it from under $100 with the current rebate and it looks great in my Black and Red Build with MSI Krait Edition motherboard. 
Aesthetics of the card and packaging are superb! The Twin Frozr fans are quiet and I haven't had any heat issues, I picked this card because its doesn't have high power requirements and uses the the power from the PCie x 16 slot without an external connector. Running on 500W PSU in a NZXT case. So far I've played all my modern games in Mid to High Settings and the frame rates are great.  I'm not a hard core gamer so this card does the trick.  I also use Photoshop and graphics software for work and this GPU seems to have enough power.  I purchased from Tiger Direct and was under $100 with rebate and no sales tax.  You can also find refurbished 1gb version of this card for less.  This is a great card for the money and I am extremely happy with the purchase.  The dual slot dual fan design seems to be very effective and allow the card to overclock well.  MSI's SuperPipes transfer heat twice as fast as regular heat pipes according to MSI, but I think they look awesome as well. The only problem I have is my system is optical-less so I had to download the drivers because I couldn't use the CD.  Card comes pre-overclocked out the door, and it performs higher than other cards using the same GPU according to the benchmark I ran on Userbench.  I really like the MSI Afterburner software and the card in its entirely was a great purchase.

 Thanks MSI.

My System:

MSI 970a Krait Edition
8GB Hyper Fury 1866 MHz DDR3 Ram
AM3+ AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz Overclocked
120GB Sandisk Boot Drive
1.5TB WD Green Hard Drive
MSI GTX 750 OC edition Graphics
NZXT Mid-Tower Case

I've attached a few pictures of my purchase and my build.  Its still a work in progress, but I think this graphics card compliments the MSI motherboard great.