My pc "almost" finished


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May 24, 2019

thanks for all the support from the moderators on this forum you have been a big help

AMD ryzen 7 2700x (will be upgrading to ryzen 9 at the end of this year)
MSI X570 pro carbon MB
32GB corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200mhz
MSI RTX 2080 seahawk EK x
various corsair and crucial SSDs
EK cpu water block
ek tube and fittings
corsair radiators 2 x 240 1 x 120
Byksys pumps and reservoirs
3 x corsair LL 120 rgb fans
4 x corsair HD rgb fans
MSI optix MAG271CQR monitors
MSI headset and gamepad
corsair mouse and keyboard
and custom PC case designed and built by myself using acrylic sheet and aluminium sheet

its taken 12 months and a lot of cash to get to this point possibly going to install HD tube and fittings in the future but its not something i've done before so I need to practice the tube bending before I even decide if I am good enough at it

there is a crack in the front clear plastic this happened twice but I now have a replacement sheet to try again I also need to replace the top clear plastic sheet as I needed to move the fill port holes and the case holes didn't line up from my previous case build as this case is a modified and improved version of a previous case .

I have a stable overclock at 4.2ghz I don't think I did too well on the silicon lottery as I cant get my clock as high as some I have read about but my temps with this new build are excellent CPU 20'c idle 40'c gaming and 60'c with cinebench GPU never goes above 50'c these temps will most likely increase 10'c in the summer
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