My video review from the Vortex G65VR 6RE (GTX1070SLI). Can I have feedback?:)


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Jan 14, 2017
Hey whats up everybody? :D 
So I thought to post a few of my recent review videos straight to the MSI forum to maybe get a bit more feedback from things I review on my channel.. as my channel is new and it is sooo hard to get any comments going there.. or views lol.
Anyway, I had the chance to check out the Vortex with 1070-s in SLI in it!
Needless to say I was REALLY impressed by the small can sized PC. I?ll leave a quick note of it in text also down below but more and my verdict is in the video itself :)

The small form factor PC from MSI called The Vortex is an incredible feat of engineering and great design choice. It?s only 27cm tall and hardly takes any space on your desk. The space it takes makes your space look a lot cooler then it was ever before.. the design job on the Vortex is absolutly stunning and the engineering inside it is even better!
Overall performance was great although the mini GTX1070-s weren?t as fast as the desktop counterparts they still performed really well and reached the performance of a 5960X with a single desktop GTX1080.
The overall build quality, amount of ports and so on is just right, there is hardly anything bad to say about the Vortex. The only thing to nag about would be that the cooling solution could deffinetly be better and I might have even liked the Vortex being a tad bit bigger but having the option to house desktop GTX1080 videocards in it.. like the recent mini GTX1080-s that came out.
In any case, a really perfect purchase if you like good design and wan?t great performance.. ofcourse you are going to be paying premium for it but it?s not overly insanely expensive vs a similar desktop barebone build.

? Great quality
? Great design and engineering
? 2xM.2 sockets with RAID 0 possibility
? Great performance
? Nice amount of outputs

? Gets a bit too hot
? Would have loved to see desktop videocards in it!



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Jan 21, 2017
looks good, performance good, cooling system good, MSI GOOOD