Mystic Light ARGB problem with ML240R and case ARGB


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Oct 1, 2022
I have a problem with MSI PRO B650-P Wi-Fi and ARGB LED control
The PC works correctly, updated BIOS and RGB Firmware (Windows 11).
The Kingston Fury RGB RAMs are connected to the mainboard and work, a Cooler Master ML240R RGB heatsink, which should be compatible but is not seen, and the LEDs of the Kolink VOID RIFT cabinet but also without control.
Everything is ARGB but from the Control Center - Mystic Light software I can't control anything except the memory.
The case is controlled by the button on the front panel and the cooler by the Coller Master software (with the controller connected via USB).
There is not much to check, the case has the ARGB connector and poles and I connected it and the Cooler Master controller ditto with the appropriate cable from the controller to the ARGB socket of the mainboard.
I also tried to reverse them but nothing. I search the ARGB socket from the MSI software and it gives me an image of a type 1 LED strip but it does nothing.
Does anyone know what it could be?


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Feb 28, 2023
Here, in the standard version (by the factory), the keyboard backlight modes can be changed using the Fn + F8 function keys, but is it possible to combine the backlight modes with Mystic Light so that it is remembered and changed by pressing hot keys? Since sometimes these profile settings crash or do not work at all or return to factory settings, which indicates poor compatibility between the factory firmware and the Mystic Light program. And only one mode (profile) is set instead of 4 available ones, and in Mystic Light you can even call 3 profiles inherently useless, since you need to go to MSI Center then Mystic Light and then apply the settings, what are the hotkeys for then ?!

Вот в стандартном исполнении (по заводу), режимы подсветки клавиатуры можно менять с помощью функциональных клавиш Fn+F8 но можно ли совместить режимы подсветки с Mystic Light, что бы он запоминался и менялся по нажатию горячих клавиш? Так как иногда эти настройки профиля слетают или вообще не работают или возвращаются к заводским параметрам, что говорит о плохой совместимость заводской прошивки и программы Mystic Light. И ставится только один режим(профиль) вместо 4 доступных, а в Mystic Light и вовсе можно назвать 3 профиля по своей сути бесполезны так как нужно зайти в MSI Center затем в Mystic Light и затем применить настройки, для чего тогда горячие клавиши нужны?!