Nahimic malware.


New member
Feb 21, 2021
Hi guys at MSI,

Why do I need this malware you call Nahimic on my pc? It's impossible to uninstall this bloatware. It keeps interfering with my wi-fi. If I disable it, my wi-fi is stable and works wonderfully. As soon as it's(Nahimic malware bullshit) running, my wi-fi disconnects every 5 mins. I've spent a week tracing the problem down to this malware of yours. Please remove it from our pc's as it's bloatware and downright malware as there's no way to uninstall it or permanently disable it. I have always been partial to MSI as the source of all my hardware. I'm seriously considering to move over to Asus or Gigabyte after this malware you've installed without even giving me the option to choose whether I want it or not. Get rid of it now or give us the option to uninstall it. Forcing this [***CENSORED***] on consumers of your hardware will eventually lead to other brands becoming more popular due to not having to deal with bloating malware on the systems they provide. I've paid a lot of good money for the MSI hardware that I have but I will destroy it and buy a different manufacturer's products if you(MSI) continue down this road. Please give us a fucking choice.