Need a new Case


New member
May 1, 2021
I've had this PE62 8RC from new for just over 2 years. The plastic case hasn't stood up to average use very well at all. It's got to the point now where it's almost unusable. Even allowing for me putting my finger though the grill when picking it up the are real issue with the suitability for use. The are now black spots all over the keyboard were the silver paint has worn off but more important the touch pad is worn so the is now a large dent and pretty soon I'll be down to the subframe. It's such a shame as the workings inside the case have never let me down and the is still years of life in that. I can't afford to buy another anyway.

I'm willing to take this thing apart myself if someone can tell me were I can get a replacement case for it. I've done watch repairs & fixed small appliances for 30 years so I'm happy to take the chance on fixing this myself. I just need a case, even a second-hand one will do. This one won't last long, it's really only the bottom half. Can anyone help?