need help underclocking/undervolting rx 6700 xt mech x2

May 31, 2023
first and foremost, hi my name is jim.
my setup-
gigabyte x570s gaming x.
amd ryzen 9 3950x 16 core.
msi amd rx 6700 xt mech 2x OC 12gb.
corsair vengence 64gb @ 4000mhz.
nzxt 850w ghost quiet psu.
arctic freezer 2 360mm.
my pc case is always open ie sides removed.
msi afterburner (latest).
modified win 10 home os (with all the crap removed, bare bone os).
All settings are stock, i have never in all my years have had the need to overclock/underclock anything (but i would really like some help here if you can please).
This is the short story version,i bought a new 65" tv (i always use tv;s for gaming as my eye balls are garbage,i wear glasses),this tv i have been saving up for, she has amd freesync and 2 x 120hrz hdmi ports (that im using) everything is fine so all good,but because its 120hrz and not my usual 60hrz the card is getting hotter and i dont l;ike the fans blazing like the wind.I have been watching utube vids and and the curve editor on there is different than mine (mine has 2 curves not 1) frequency mhz and voltage,and also i cant move the memory clock back as the slider is all the way back (i can only slide to the right ie only go higher. stock 2000mhz), core voltage and core clock can be slid back and forth no problem fan editor is fine so can someone explain to me please do i use core clock//core voltage//memory clock for undervolting,i have installed afterburner//hwinfo//furmark (i like furmark i use it all the time for testing out settings) i would tried to use adrenalin but when i hit the undervolt button the pc never came back on (so i would like to learn to undervolt this way taking easy steps what do i do please?.
so we have 3 things core clock/ core voltage/ memory clock (ill adjust the fan as and when needed.
thanks jim. ( i know its long overdue to learn this)


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Jul 30, 2015
If the problem is the fan noise, doesn't customize the fan curve resolve it? Does the GPU overheat when you lower the fan curve?


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Nov 20, 2012
So you're complaining about the fan noise?
Adjusting the core clock/core voltage/memory clock will help, however, if you adjust the clocks you'll lose performance, possibly making it a moot point for having the TV and 120hz refresh rate.
Why not ensure you're cooling everything well, or better, and go from there? Fans speed up because things are getting hot. They get hot because the cooling can't keep it cooler, and because it's getting used. So if the issue is the noise from fans, then you either need to turn down the performance so it doesn't get hot (which kinda makes having it moot if you ask me), or make sure it stays cool.

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Sep 11, 2020
To under volt only drop the voltage by 0.0025v at a time I think your minimum will be about 1.1000v If you get it done a bit you can drop power usage by 10% however as the 6700XT has almost as much grunt as the 6800 but you are missing one-third of the cooler I don't think your going to win unless you cut the FPS to 90
Get rid of AB and just use the AMD Software for Overclocking under-volt settings.

You can try limiting your fan curve to say 60% as long as the card stays under 100c you should be good as it can run at 110c

The Radeon RX6700XT besides all RX5000 and RX6000 series GPU cards have a Maximum Operating Temperature (Hot Spot) of 110c. These GPU cards have several Thermal Sensors and if any reaches and passes 110C the GPU will automatically slow down or throttle.

So choice run the card below 85c and have fan noise or run it hot to reduce fan noise


Thes setting may help