Jun 27, 2023
Thread Post 1: here's a little bit of backstory I was trying to flash my VBIOS just to squeeze out any little bit of performance unlocked in later cards I was searching all over the Internet I came to the site which I normally found my VBIOS's, and this time unfortunately, it let me down the only one that was labeled for my card put me in a boot loop forcing me to reinstall windows and then when trying to download drivers adrenaline will not install but however when you use the VGA on board drivers from MSI support Page on the motherboard, it puts you back in the boot loop. The card in question is a really rare card the 6800XT GAMING Z TRIO not be confused with the GAMING X TRIO I was reluctant to use a GAMING X TRIO VBIOS on my card to begin with, so I didn't and found one that was really hidden away on this. so now here we are, I can flash the card again because I can get in. I just can't change any video settings about this card or display or use my other displays setting back up my computer isn't a problem, but finding the VBIOS is. i'm praying that one of you has this card and can copy it for me to flash because I'm trying to get back to streaming very soon without having to send out my card for two weeks

Thread Post 2: So it seems no one has the an MSI 6800XT to begin with better yet if they do its the GAMING X TRIO variant, now what if i told that i was in possession of a MSI 6800XT GAMING Z TRIO... well the thing about this one is that i was looking all over for this seemingly unobtainable card and when i said oo look the right bios from this site i got stuck in a boot loop until i reinstall windows on this ssd each time, weird... but then im in and i can use the pc the only thing is amd drivers will not install because i get the flash just is not good. When I try to use the auto find drivers it doesnt work, and when i reinstall the vga drivers via my b550 gaming carbon max it puts me back in in that boot loop i think its s mixture of the bad flash and bad drivers, i did them simultaneously initially yes i know im dumb. anyone has a confirmed working card and would like to send over the flash that would be much appreciated im trying to get back to the streaming grind thanks to all that read. I want to put on the record I have tried Swapping SSDs and RAM i am certain the card isnt bricked either because its functional it just is like in testing mode or some weird bios that was used or rather a z trio bios that share similarities because it is essentially just a oc of that

If you need to reach me quicker "hey_im_coal" on discord