Network drivers not working


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Aug 17, 2022
I got my z590 gaming plus today and went to use the provided usb to download drivers , it downloaded them all but the Network, Wifi and ME drivers. It mentioned something about there being no Intel(R) in the computer , i then tried intels website to find drivers but these still did not allow me to connect to the internet.

Edit: It now says this device cannot start (Code 10)

Anyone know a potential fix?
thx for the help in advance.
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Oct 12, 2016
Several things:

- The early BIOS is full of bugs, you need to update to the latest one as the very first thing.
Update how-to:
1) Get the latest BIOS. It's the topmost one on the MSI support page for your board.
2) Extract the file and you will get a text file and the BIOS file. Put the BIOS file into the root folder of a USB stick/drive.
3) Enter the BIOS by pressing DEL during boot, go to "M-FLASH" in the BIOS.
4) Once M-Flash (the updater) is loaded, it will show a list of your drives. Select the USB stick and select the previously extracted BIOS file on there.
5) It will ask for confirmation and then update the BIOS. It's fully automatic from there, takes about two minutes.

- The drivers on the USB stick included with the board are usually outdated, you need to get the current drivers from the MSI site, or some of them even from Intel directly if they are newer:
Intel Graphics (if you use it):
Intel LAN: (Wired driver x64)

- It's vital not to use an outdated installation media for Windows, otherwise some drivers like the Intel LAN driver won't install. You'd download the latest Media Creation Tool from this link (this is for Windows 10, there's also one for Windows 11), freshly prepare a USB drive with it, and then boot from it by pressing F11 for the boot menu after turning on the PC, and selecting the USB drive there. I explained the installation procedure a bit here.

Then, once Windows is installed, i install the drivers in this order: Always Intel Chipset driver first, then Serial I/O and Management Engine (all from MSI support site). Then Intel LAN (Wired driver x64), then perhaps AMD/NVIDIA graphics driver from them if you use their graphics card, as well as Realtek audio driver from MSI. By that time you should be online and Windows Update can do the rest.