New desktop’s automatic repair keeps failing.

Jul 30, 2021
I’m hoping someone can help or suggest anything that may help, cause I’m at a loss here.
I had just recently recieved my computer a week ago (or less I forgot, can’t look at the moment) and was able to set it up, and this week I was finally able to transfer everything from my old laptop via the use of an external hard drive. It had issues with a web browser I used that I couldn’t get in to it to make an account I could use for it, so I tried to remove it and it’s files and empty the recycling bin. When I reboot the P.C., the task bar refused to work, and upon multiple attempts at booting it into safe mode failing, Automatic repair started activating upon boot up, but kept failing to repair any broken or corrupted software. I tried restoring it to factory setting, advanced settings, etc etc, and my mom looked up solutions and nothing we found worked. We even looked up how to boot up the BIOS but nothing we tried worked. The only thing I’m thinking could have contributed to this was when I tried to empty the recycling bin, it said the external hard drive’s recycling bin was corrupted, when I had already retrieved everything and disconnected it. is there another way to fix it or reset the entire thing?