new graphic card but no monitors


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Sep 13, 2020
Hi every body
I have a problem with my new pc build in which ive just installed a new rtx 2080ti and can not get my displays working now at all
so ive just build a new pc
specs are
2x16gigs ram ddr4 from corsair
Asrock B460m pro4 mother board
intel i7-10700k
corsair H75 water cooler
1000watt psu
so pc up and running but with no displays at all. if I use the onboard graphics display works fine but as soon as I go back to 2080ti nothing. it don't even turn my display from standby
the graphic card lights up so there is power there although the fans don't spin. ive taken it out numerous times to make sure its properly seated but still no joy
it does not even show up in device manager it only shows the onboard graphics

ive researched this a little and it says to disable the onboard graphics via device manager but that still don't work for me also tried updating gpu drivers but still no joy all that does is update the on board

has any body any ideas on this
ive read that I might have to update bios but I not got a clue how to do that so if that's the case can you try to talk me through that also
many thanks


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Jan 25, 2007
The fans not working is a good indicator for a bad card. Have you connected all power connectors? What exact RTX 2080 Ti is it?