New happy Msi consumer (MPG341CQRV & rtx 2080 X trio )


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Nov 19, 2019
Well it will take some time to test it 100%  but i really impressed for now, the package, the info, the "lucky" dragon all simple and cute n'fun. 

The monitor came with 1 dead semi-pixel (green) so it kinda work just green is black and white is magenta noticeable only on pure white background absolutely (almost) invisible in any other form.
beside that? OMG i'm in love with him. clean elegant with a little RGB touch but not to much just enough.  as i said ill test it more for a week or two on some games that i played on my old 1920X1080 TN for blur or issues. 
the black though are so .... black everywhere no lights at all and the contrast amazing for every one who prefer sharpness and depth.

i installed Dragon center , OSD  and SteelSeries (didn't bother with afterburner at this point) 
now it seems that one of them useless, OSD is basically extended version of in build monitor menu as i see it, it does not overlap or stack options so if i choose gaming settings in OSD and then will check the monitor it will be updated  to gaming too, that's how i knew they synchronised.
dragon center has his own TRUE COLOR section which does overlap with OSD which is....fine i guess...... just weird ...... i got already some tweaks from osd options now true color will tweak the tweaks even more? just feels unsynchronised.

The same for the  mystic light , the monitor has his gamesense which is great rgb edit tool and i hope it will grow bigger and more games and hardware will be supported but for now it doesn't recognise the GPU to link between my monitor and the card, so i have to use dragon center for GPU rgb editing and link between the two, i repeat HAVE TO because dragon center give us very limited color edit ability, its only or one color or full rgb at almost any affect u choose. 
But even then, when i linked between the card and monitor the monitor didn't reacted dont know if its not supported on this model or bug or defect but the link didnt worked only GPU reacted the monitor didn't.

So now i have one app that edit rgb pretty well on monitor but doesnt support anything else (gamesense)
one app that edit the monitor image pretty well ( OSD) 
and one app that that do both of those pretty badly or way to simple but AT LEAST supports gpu (dragon center) 

even if i could link the two? i guess i wouldn't, to little chose, i would prefer that gamesense would support the GPU and accessories as  nanoleaf and link it there.
dragon center seems kinda lame then as i see it , it should be CENTER and all those apps around should be inside of it, or the center shouldn't exist and let the apps around do the job much better without interfering or overlapping 

if someone have some tips for apps management or what i should or shouldn't use  could be awesome! 
if someone have clarification or something to add or thoughts about the subject could be even more awesome!