New Laptop- MSi GE Series GE62 Apache-276 Gaming Laptop


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Sep 15, 2015
Today my new gaming laptop finally came. For the pas t few years I was a console peasant with a laptop that couldn't even run Windows (JK). Now that I finally got one, I would like t share the experience with you people. PS this is my first MSI product review.
When you first open the box it looks like any other MSI laptop opening. The box contains a manual, charger, and the laptop itself. I was disappointed though that the laptop did not come with  a free game, because a lot of my friends have recieved free games from them.  
When I took the laptop out of the casing I was very impressed. The logo lights up when the laptop is on, which is really cool. I removed the protective plastic already. The keyboard is also able to be customized with the steel series application.    
This is how the laptop looks when it is turned on. The background is changeable to your liking as well the profile picture. The sign in can be linked to your hotmail or outlook account. Instead if having a regular password, you can add a four digit pin number.  

As a sophomore in high school I needed something that is powerful enough to run games and do all my school work at the same time. All the components of this laptop add to very nice gaming style: i7 5700 HQ, 12 GB RAM, and GEForce 960M. The price for this laptop is very good considering the components included. The first game I played was Shadow of Mordor. The laptop ran the game at a solid 50-60 FPS on high settings with no screen tearing, lag, etc. When I am playing on the laptop screen the resolution looks like it is 1440p downscaled. The mini Displayport is a big advance from my old laptop, because my monitor supports the cable and the frame rates are higher on games. The mulitiple monitor displays help make this computer look even cooler when you have the laptop connected to two other monitors. I don't have much games yet, but I will keep you updated.