new pc build doesn't send signal to monitor

Aug 6, 2020
msi tomahawk max
msi gaming x gtx 1660 ti
sabrent 512 gb ssd
ryzen 7 2700x
corsair vengence rgb pro 16gb
corsair CV550
cooler master h500

I built my pc following several guides on youtube and with the help of the users manual, as soon as the pc was built I plugged it into the wall, all the rg band all the fans were running normally.
I plugged the hdmi cable into the graphics card and it said (on the monitor) that it connected to the system for less than a second then the screen went all black for a second or two then the same process happens two more times and it say no signal, every time I try it.
I've dismantled my pc and checked all (literally everything) my components, everything seems fine.
I've reseted the CMOS a bunch of times, I've cleaned the ram and the graphics card, I've updated the bios (even thought i haven't even seen the bios screen) using the flash drive method, I've turned off the power supply and removed the power cord and held down the power button for 60 seconds (twice), I'tested the keyboard I'm using and all keys worked, I've connected the pc to tow different monitors using two different cables and I've tried to unconnect my ssd, graphics card and all cables exept the power, power button and the cpu cooler cables, I left one stick of ram on dimma1 and only had the cpu power cable, atx power cable. cpu power cable and the cases power button cable connected and the cpu itself of course and nothing happened, I saw on another post that that would force bios to open, I don't know if its true but at this point I don't know what to do, I've been troubleshooting for days and I really have no idea/clue on what to do, I think the graphics card is broken , all the rgb works thought including the graphics cards rgb.
When the pc is on everything seems to be working so as I've said before everything seems fine, I'm panicking a little I have no clue on what to do or on what not letting the pc send any signal. :(
if anybody know whats causing the problem or has any suggestions or solutions PLEASE help me out and reply to this post!!!