New Ryzen 3600/ MSI Mortar Max system won't boot at all!


New member
Sep 16, 2020
I can't get it to boot no matter what from the moment I put it all together.
I have everything out on a bench now with just psu connected, and one ram stick and when I short the power header, the fans quarter turn, light flicks on/ off then nothing. I have to disconnect power to psu, plug back in but then same thing happens. This is with a brand new Corsair CX650M psu, which I bought to try and fix my old system that had same problem.

My old system......i4650 (I think), Asus A97-A mobo, RX480 graphics. Ran sweet for a few years but started to spontaneously crash. I mean it's like someone pulled the power cord out. Only way to boot again was to unplug the psu, wait a while then plug back in. Sometimes it was only when I disconnected something.....Anyway I then figured it was a psu or motherboard problem so bought a new psu- the Corsair 650W. Seemed to fix but oddly after about 2 weeks, PC started crashing again, same thing. At this point I had enough so bought all new system, except graphics card and now here I boot whatsoever

I've tried ....
  • double checking cpu install, cooler, etc as well as standoffs...
  • connecting both old and new psu
  • resetting CMOS
  • different power cable, power point......
  • one stick ram, 2 sticks, different slots
  • with/ without graphics connected
I can't think of anything else to try and am totally stuck. It's like it's a short but how can that be for two different systems outside the case????
Please help!!

Alan J T

Sep 11, 2020
Remove GPU and Ram Make sure 24 pin is full connected Make sure CPU 8 Pin is connected. Turn on power with out the RAM or GPU and see if it will power up.
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